The Bendigo Record Fair Flyer

The flyer for the Bendigo Record Fair is here!

If you have been directed here from the Facebook page for a ticketing enquiry, please be aware, no ticket pre-sales will be available before the event here or elsewhere. It will be pay entry on the day. It’s a cheap $5 entry, or $10 for early birds, and we are booked at capacity already for tables. So let’s stay safe and we can have events again. Yay!

Meanwhile, please enjoy the new flyer for the event. We have the Screamo version, and the Covid-Safe version.

See you on the 18th of April! (All going well!)

The Bendigo Record Fair is back (we hope)

We have a date for the next Bendigo Record Fair. Sunday April 18 is the day.

We are currently in a snap lockdown in Victoria, which we currently expect to end in a few days time. After a couple of days announcing that bookings are open, we are already at near-capacity for tables, which is very encouraging.

Now, if everyone can stay safe, we can have events again, and don’t we need them!

At this stage, we are working on having, rather than not having, a Bendicon this year, but, as is the new normal, nothing is guaranteed and things can change very quickly. Watch for updates here or the Facebook Page.

Conventions, cancellations and Covid-19

September 20, 2020 was, I believed, to be an auspicious date.  It was to be a great date for the next Bendicon, it had a good ring to it, and made for a snappy Insta hashtag.  The year 2020 has indeed turned out to be a memorable year, for all the wrong reasons.

It is usually about this time of the year that I am busy with bookings for Bendicon.  Artists and guests will have been booked or confirmed, accomodation and travel arrangements will have been made, and enquiries from near and far will have been flooding my inbox and Facebook page.

An early call was made to postpone the next Bendicon, given the then Covid-19 situation in Victoria.  For a while there, when the curve flattened in Australia, it was starting to look as though we may have acted prematurely.  Unfortunately with the recent community transmission cases in Melbourne and the subsequent return to Stage 3 lockdown for Melbourne and neighbouring Mitchell Shire, it’s looking like a fair call.

As a small regional convention, we are fortunate in that we don’t have a massive outlay or financial commitment to mitigate.  I shudder to think of the damage control all of the bigger conventions are enduring at this date, both here in Australia and worldwide.

The important thing at this stage is to stay safe, let this pandemic wash over us, and see what shape we are in for next year.  If you are anything like me, you have a decent amount of unread/unwatched media to see you through.
Fingers crossed for 2021!

bendicon postponed

Flyer for the Bendigo Record Fair


The Bendigo Record Fair is happening again on Sunday November the 17th, from 10am to 4pm. We have a full house with 27 over-long tables of records, cds, music-related dvds, hi-fi equipment, comics and more. Specialist traders from all over Victoria and NSW will converge on the Lansell Room at the All Seasons Hotel with thousands of records.
Doors open at 10am, entry is $5 per person, kids under 14 accompanied by a paying adult get in for free. Early bird entry from 9am for $10 entry, to get early access to the bargains and the specials.
Vinyl is back. Don’t miss out on Bendigo’s last chance to grab that special gift before the silly season in the relaxed atmosphere of the All Seasons Hotel.


Bendi-Con 2019 Workshops

We have 3 wonderful workshops this September at Bendi-Con 2019.

Here is a quick reference for workshop times, guests, titles and how to book.


To book for Li’l El’s ‘How To Draw Fur’ workshop, or Cristian Roux’s ‘Page Layout Fundamentals’ workshop , please book via direct mail at the Bendigo Record Comic and Toy Fair Facebook Page.
To book for Chris Kennett’s Star Wars Character Drawing Workshop, please contact Chris Kennet’s Facebook page directly.

We hope to see you on September 22nd at the Bendigo Expo Centre!

The March Bendigo Record Fair

The March Bendigo Record Fair is coming up.  We are booked out with nearly 30 tables of records, cds, music-related books, and a select few tables of comics back-issues.


The next Bendi-Con Pop Culture event will be held at the Bendigo Expo Centre on September the 22nd, later this year.  Get Real Ready!

Bendi-Con is just around the corner!

Bendi-Con 2018 is this Sunday, September 23rd from 10am to 4pm at the Bendigo Expo Centre!

Here’s a few things to bear in mind about this Sunday.  We hope to see you there!

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Bendi-Con 2018 has risen from the Bendigo Record Comic and Toy Fair which has split into the Bendigo Record Fair (next event March 30 2019) and Bendi-Con.

The heart of the con is the market, featuring around a hundred tables of comics, collectables and bargains, toys, cards, pop culture jewelry, pops, fashion, and much more.

The Bendigo Cosplay Contest is a popular attraction, with keen cosplayers parading amazing costumes and always pro,mises to be a colourful and spectacular event. Our special Cosplay Guest this year is Black Widow of Melbourne! The Bendigo Cosplay Contest and Bendi-Con 2018 are proud fundraisers for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation.

The Artists Alley is a key feature of Bendi-Con, and this year has its biggest ever Alley with local, Melbourne and Interstate guests showcasing their original comic and artistic creations. Get up close and personal with emerging artists, as well as Australian talent woking and being published abroad at the highest professional levels. Keep watching the Facebook page for guest announcements. Our major guests are linked with DC comics, The Simpsons and Rick and Morty, to name a few!
Local talent, Chris Kennett (Star Wars Golden Books) will also be giving workshops during the day. Follow the Facebook page for how to apply for positions, which are strictly limited!

The Fan-groups will be out in force again this year. Current confirmations include the Doctor Who Clubs of Bendigo and Victoria, the R2 Builders, The Rebel Legion Hoth Base Star Wars group, the Bendigo Bricks group, The Victorian Discworld Klatch, the Bendigo Cosplay Society, and more to come. The 501st Star Wars cosplayers and the Rebel Legion Hoth Base will be wandering around, and the Bendigo Live Action Role-Players will be putting on some demonstrations! The Main Stage will also feature a lively chat about the state of fan-groups across Victoria, which is a must to catch!

A First at Bendi-Con 2018 will be the Travelling Roadshow, hosted by Joe from Alternate Worlds. Joe will be giving a presentation on the joys of collecting, followed by appraisals of comics from attendees at the Con. Do you think you might be sitting on a valuable comic? Bring it along and let the experts check it out!

The Main Stage will also feature a key debate on the place of Super-heroes in comics today, and whether they are too dominant. Agree? Disagree? Our special guests will weigh in with their opinions,

All this, fully catered with our great selection of food trucks and stalls, and much more on the day!

Bendi-Con 2018

The Bendigo Record Comic and Toy Fair has split into separate events.  The Bendigo Record Fair ran as a stand-alone event in June this year, and will continue to run as a separate event, run by the same friendly irresponsible folk.

The pop culture event has now re-branded as Bendi-Con, and the next event will be held on September 23rd at the Bendigo Expo Centre, Bendigo Showgrounds.  As usual, the cosplay contest, and the fair in general, is a fundraiser for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation.

Stay tuned for some big announcements here or on the Facebook page for the event.

Meanwhile, here’s the flyer for Bendi-Con 2018!

Flyer final